Food Safety Weekly Roundup 1

This is Allera's Food Safety Weekly Roundup where we compile the best of Food Safety for each week.

Top Food Safety News

The FDA issued a safety alert regarding Cronobacter concerns in Crecelac Infant Powdered Goat Milk Infant Formula, underscoring ongoing issues with infant formula safety. Persistent infant formula safety issues continue to concern parents and health officials. Recent recalls due to Cronobacter contamination highlight vulnerabilities in manufacturing and regulatory oversight, emphasizing the need for stricter safety standards and more robust quality control measures to protect infants' health. (full FDA safety alert here)

Food Safety Story of the Week

World Food Safety Day! Prepare for the Unexpected

World Food Safety Day 2024, celebrated on June 7, emphasized "Prepare for the Unexpected." Led by WHO and FAO, the campaign focused on enhancing global food safety practices and raising awareness among governments, producers, and consumers to reduce foodborne diseases and ensure safe food for all.

One Guide for FSQA Professional Development

A How-To for PRPS

A guide from Muntasib Tehseen, a top voice in Quality, on the right way to conduct PRPs (Prerequisite Programs). His full article is attached here.

Thanks for tuning in for Allera's Food Safety Weekly roundup. What was the biggest food safety news in your corner of food safety?