Software that
creates a
food industry
"Allera's technology is transforming how efficient and risk-averse food companies can be. Going paperless means optimizing production and saving time for everybody. Partnering with Allera means partnering with an innovator in this industry."
Larry Rehmann, Former CEO of Eckert Foods
Our Software
Makes Life Easy
Fully Paperless
No more tracking down paperwork or paper audits. All your forms in one place.
Your custom paper forms turned digital. We make the transition to paperless smooth for you and your facility by walking with you every step of the way.
Real-Time Analytics
We highlight potentially hazardous situations in real-time, so you know when you need to respond. We track, organize, and analyze your data, so you can make strategic decisions based on trend analysis.
We know how difficult
food safety can be.
Missing paperwork
means costly mistakes
for companies.
Allera Saves
Our platform mitigates
the risk of expensive
mistakes and leverages
data to cut costs.
Prone To Error
Pen and paper are prone
to being lost, destroyed,
or forged.
Allera Prevents
Keep your company
accountable and
Time Consuming
Paper audits, manual
entry of data, and
tracking down
paperwork all waste your
precious time.
Allera Saves Time
Spend your day where it
counts. Store everything
in one place, so you can
be efficient
Meet our Team
Allera's team is composed of engineers, scientists, and builders that are spearheading innovation in the food industry to make food safe for everyone!
Paddy McNamara
Matt Hapner
Steve D. P.h.D
Scientific Partner
Mackenzie Kwasniewicz
Lead Scientist
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